Everyone Has Aids (and I Feel Fine)

Episode 11

Some wyverns came down and attacked us, and during the fight both Saeros and Thoradin were grabbed by the wyverns and carried up into the sky. After a super badass fight, one wyvern flew away into a cave, and we rested. During the rest, we found out that the ring that Saeros had bought early in the journey was likely cursed. He lost some dex points and was still only healing for half of hit dice.


We flew up to the top of the cliff, with Harmon and Faerin in the bag of holding. On the way up, the two of them narrowly avoided a large bolt of lightning from the cave that the wyvern flew into. At the top, the air became very thin and cold, and our vision was obscured by snow, restricted to a quarter mile or less. We estimate that we are around 15,000 feet above sea level, and it’s 11 am in the morning at this point.

We head towards the Hill of Bones, and pass over several sheets of ice as we do. Stopping near one of the sheets of ice, Harmon used his decanter of endless water to bore a small hole in it. Underneath was not water, but an ice tunnel. Faerin jumped down to investigate. The tunnel was about 25 feet wide, and sloped downward, gently levelling out after about 150 feet. It looked as if the tunnel was made by something melting the ice, and the water re-freezing to form a slick, smooth surface. This pattern repeated itself at least once more, with a steep slope followed by a gradually decreasing slope, and then leveled out into a gently curving tunnel.

Faerin paused for a bit to sense for monstrosities, and felt a few above the surface and one somewhere below us. After 10 minutes of walking through the tunnels, we got close to the monstrosity. Faerin snuck in and found a large, open cavern, that looked natural. Into it, from one of the many entrances; a Remorhaz.


Date – November 13, 2:30 pm
Days remaining – 17
Days of free stabling for horses remaining – 11



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